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How To Get Featured on Instagram's Explore Tab

Gain More Exposure by getting featured on the Explore tab. You most likely know about Instagram’s Explore tab if you are an Instagram user. The tab is also called the “popular page”. Most people don’t know how to make it on this page. Having one or more of your videos or photos on the popular page can start an effect so viral that you can get hundreds or thousands of followers, likes and comments in a short period of time. Discussed below are some of the ways you can get featured on the Explore tab on Instagram.

How Instagram Chooses Content For The Popular Page/ Explore Tab

According to Instagram, the contents (photos and videos) displayed on the Popular page/Explore tab are selected based on how each person use the app. This means what is shown on your explore tab might be very different from what somebody else will see on their own account. Instagram also says you might see more videos and photos from users whose content you’ve previously interacted with either by commenting or liking them. Additionally, various contents liked by a lot of people on Instagram are also shown on the Explore tab. It usually involves combining overall popularity with a small amount of personalization based on your own activity.

It may seem as if a photo with a large amount of likes will definitely get on the Explore tab, but it doesn’t work that way, Instagram considers more than just the amount of likes a certain photo gets. The formula used to determine which contents will be displayed on the Popular page is constantly being changed. This means the strategy that worked a few months ago may not function as well today. As Instagram frequently changes the formula it uses and there’s no way to pinpoint the one currently in use, the best thing you can do is to up your game in order to build your Instagram presence. It may take some time and hard work will definitely be required. Follow the link to find out more general things about instagram .


Improve Your Odds Of Getting On The Popular Page

If you are really ready to do this, it is important to note that it requires more than attracting many followers just for the sake of increasing your following count. Make sure you post quality contents (both photos and videos) that other users would want to share. Discussed below are some other things you should consider doing in order to increase your popularity:

Ensure That Your Instagram Account Is Old Enough

It is possible that this is not one the main things used in determining the popularity of a photo. However, Instagram probably considers it to some extent.

If your Instagram account is just like two or three weeks old, it is highly likely it won’t be as eligible to feature on the Explore tab compared to an account that’s older – even if it has loads of followers and likes.

That just doesn’t naturally occur in a short amount of time. Instagram knows this as well.

Continuously build your following of active users

If you want to gain popularity, it is pretty important to get more followers. It is equally important to make sure you get more than just following at the end. Here, engagement is key. If there are thousands of users following you on Instagram but only a small percentage of them are regularly active, the other inactive accounts won’t be of much benefit to you.


Encourage Your Followers To Engage With You

You can do this by telling your followers to like your photo, or you can use the caption to ask them a question and tell them to comment about it. Another good way to do this is by telling your followers to use the comments box to tag their friends to inform them about something. Your chances of featuring on the Explore tab may improve if you get more comments and likes from people following the users that are engaging with you on your content.

Use Hashtags Appropriately

It is true that using hashtags is an easy way to quickly get exposure on Instagram. However, if you really want to feature on the popular page, you should try to avoid using hashtags too much. It is advisable you sparingly use them. If you want some initial engagement, hashtags are great, but the likes you get from using them are not always genuine and usually seem slightly robotic. This means when trying to get on the Popular page, getting too many likes from using hashtags isn’t really helpful.

Note The Time And Day Of The Week You Make Your Posts

It is very important to note this. If you post a photo around 3am, the engagement you will receive will definitely not be much. If you really want to increase the chances of your posts being seen, try to post at times when people are usually on their phones. It is advisable you post at times of the day like early evenings, lunch time, and after work or school.

Use Filters, Post Selfies And Take Advantage Of Video Trends/Popular Photo

As mentioned earlier, it will really benefit you if you regularly post contents that other users will genuinely enjoy looking at. If you don’t really get this, take some time to study the contents that is displayed on the popular page so you’ll have an idea. You can check out the contents that show up for a few days.

You’ll likely see lots of nature photos, selfies and sometimes, Instagram videos as well. You should also consider the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow. Try to balance the ratio between the two. If Instagram really consider this, if wouldn’t bid well for you if you are following 200,000 people, while only about 5,000 people are following you.